This app is going to be very useful for its users. Namaz is one of the most important aspects of Islam among the five pillars. It would be the first thing that you will be asked on the day of judgment. So you must make habit of paying for namaz 5 times a day. Unfortunately, most people do not even exact namaz time or azan time or sometimes they forget to perform Namaz because of worldly activities

As Muslims, we must offer prayers 5 times a day and it is emphasized by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and his last messenger Muhammad ﷺ. But if somehow, unfortunately, you missed the prayer and could not pray at a certain time, now it becomes your responsibility to pray the qaza namaz as soon as you get the spare time. But most of the time people forget which namaz they have missed and which qaza namaz they are going to pray. So to cope with this issue, this app will help you keep track of your offered prayers and remind you about the prayers you have missed and they need to be prayed as qaza namaz 

·        The user can sign in easily with google and apple id while keeping their credentials private.


·        Your data won’t be shared with anyone and will be kept hidden


·        You can add  your qaza namaz so you can be reminded when its the perfect time to offer that namaz


·        Also, this app gets your location so it can provide you accurate namaz timing based on your location